Sunday, October 17, 2010

The duty of a "father"

- You live in the past
- You never provide
- What you say you never fulfill
- 600 bucks a month, you can't even buy lunch?
- Go on condemning us.
- You agree to "What you say is what you declare" yet you call us or rather me stupid,useless,never wished u had me
- You said you were never proud of us
- You hate us
- You failed your role
- You can never wait
- I try not to hate u. But now yes
- Your money for your own
- You never participate in anything. Even the new house, you don't even want to care. What you do? Play with your phone. Nice

I can go on and on but. It's pointless. Sigh, i hate you
A father's role is to provide and care for the family.
Looks like its only Mum that is doing everything...
Im trying to spend less.

My miserable life.. :|

Friday, September 17, 2010


Im just the same like u.. Not capable, poor, and is just an exact piece of junk!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I decided to start blogging again. Just feel like typing about things that happen to me, or around me or with me.
Study life has never been easy. It's as hectic as ever. Despite the many piles of assignments, there is always still time for fun. No?
So recently life has been just so so for me. New semester is starting in one week time. Gotta prepare for a tough semester because i'm retaking subjects that i've failed during my first semester. "Oh dear lord,guide me and give me wisdom to go do well in the coming semester"

Photography keeps me busy when i'm free. Covered some "unpaid" event like my grandfather's birthday dinner, Megan's birthday dinner, took some photo's for Bryan's French friend, here and there. Every photo i take is a learning step for me. I want to learn and learn as much as i can so one day i will achieve to be what i want :)

Fishing.. Finally a thought in mind is turning to reality because i'm going to Tasik Kenyir for fishing :) It has always been a dream for me to go there! Thank you mum! :) I bought a new set of fishing tackle too. Bought a new Daiwa 3500 Crossfire and a the awesome Ugly Stik Shakespear Fishing rod which is the one and only brand that can be bent 180 degrees!. I feel so happy and excited. Its approximately 1 month before i go there to conquer the Mighty Giant Snakehead!

That's all for today..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Passed =D

I passed!
I passed!

After two horrible failures
which really brought me down
Thank God
That i now passed. =) So happy, can't wait to drive. xD Be it with parents or without haha.
Now have to wait for my license hehe...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A meaningful gift.
will always cherish it
even though it is
it came with a note.
-Songs of solomon

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Got so many registry error,all caused by viruses.. Top is my com. 700+ errors.

Tada, king of registry errors. 8k ++, Moms laptop.!! =.=" Scanned the other day..

Wanted to blog about this one but forgot, today only got the pics from my thumbdrive hehe..

Monday, July 13, 2009


It was quite some time I didnt blog dy hehe..Was very busy with assignments and preparation for finals. Today was very happy with my team's presentation. Got full marks for it. =) So happy hehe, and i joined the Charis Disaster Relief team. =). I joined to help the world, hehe and for God's glory. Leme share with u guys some pictures. Hehe not many.

Doctor Patrick showing us how to use this equipement. Erm, i forgot what izit called, =.=!I was being used as model lol, we were also taught how to tie bandages for arms, leg, n head. Hehe. It was fun all in all. =)